Thursday, March 09, 2006

My Brother

Every so often, I want to write about the people I'm closest to in this world. Today, I choose to write about my brother Wade, in tribute to his birthday this week. Wade, I don't mean this to embarrass you, I've just always been taught it is better to give your flowers when folks are this side of the grass, if you know what I mean!

Wade was born 15 months after I entered the world. I was a high maintenance child, I admit it. Fortunately, Wade was happy-go-lucky and self-entertaining. Of course, he also had ME to entertain him!

Wade and I shared a bedroom until I was a freshman in high school. Nowadays, child protective services would say this was damaging to our psyche. I disagree. It caused us to be very close-knit. Of course, there was probably other things in our family unit that CPS would raise their eyebrows about (namely-discipline). We survived!

Wade was somewhat quiet, and always was a good friend to others. He was a good student, and loved to read-still does! We often tormented each other. I would kiss him to bug him, and he would stick a freshly licked finger in my ear. Funny how kids show they love each other!

We shared some of our bigger toys, such as a bright red tricycle. That trike led us to meet Jimmy Pennock down the block, so it was a godsend.

Wade loved sports, especially baseball, and collected baseball cards. When we purchased the lot next to ours, it became our baseball field. It was fun playing with the Rubemeyers, the Atteberrys and the Hendersons. Wade also had a basketball hoop on a poll in our graveled parking area. He has a good mind for sports, and can analyze the entire game.

I enjoyed sharing friendship circles with Wade in high school. It was fun to go to some of the same parties. We were also involved in some of the same things in school, especially music.

I hate it that I moved away so early in my adult life, and then he moved even further away. We have not gotten to develop an adult friendship as much as I would like. I have watched him develop into an upstanding man, with a sense of values and a passion to educate and be educated. He loves children. I see his eyes light up when children are around. He is involved in his son's life to a degree I rarely see in fathers. He is comfortable in any setting, and cultural diversity is an added bonus.

It's hard to believe that 2 siblings who started out sharing a room the first 14 years of their lives are now so far apart. We may have gone our separate ways, but our hearts still have a heart for HOME. That is one thing that never leaves us, no matter how many miles separate us.

Happy Birthday, Brother. I miss you!

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