Saturday, March 04, 2006

Living Out Loud-Weekly Biz. Report

I keep track of my Living Out Loud business each week, by writing a report here. It isn't so much to pat myself on the back, as it is to be accountable for my work, and to praise the Lord for what He has allowed to be accomplished.

This week, you will see my goals first, and the results in all caps after each goal.

1. Write inspirational column for The Paris News and my mailing list.-COMPLETED


3. Read book for book reviews. Write review. Find multiple markets for review, and send out queries or submissions. (If you know of additional paying markets for reviews, please let me know)-FINISHED READING BOOK, AM CURRENTLY WRITING REVIEW, HAVE FOUND SEVERAL MARKETS TO SEND QUERIES TO FOR THIS REVIEW BESIDES TRUETUNES.

4. Gather letters of recommendation for freelance writing business expansion. Put more detailed plans into place.-HAVE COLLECTED TWO MORE LETTERS-MY OLD EDITOR SENT AN EXTRAORDINARY RECOMMENDATION-WRITE ME OFF-LIST IF YOU WANT TO READ IT.

5. Send out at least 3 queries this week.-SENT OUT 4, 2 HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED ON SPECULATION, 1 WAS REJECTED, AND 1 IS PENDING.

6. Rewrite crit. group submission, using advice from critique group critiques.-HAVE NOT FINISHED THIS.

7. Write 2 more critiques for groups before end of month.-COMPLETED.

Other writing related reports for the week, that were not in the goals:

8. I also found two more markets to send submissions, and will work on that this coming week.

9. I wrote my monthly Grammar 'N Style column for The Dabblingmum, and submitted.

10. I continued to interact with the writer I'm mentoring, and we are both getting "jazzed up" by the process as well as the progress.

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