Wednesday, March 29, 2006

American Idol

I predict Lisa will be going home tonight on American Idol. We shall see. Overall, the show this week was unimpressive. They were encouraged to sing songs that would represent the niche they would pick in the current music market. Allowable songs? Any song recorded in the 21st century. Unfortunately, most picked songs that, as Simon says, are unforgettable. Or the singers took on songs from icons, with no chance to match, let alone surpass the original.

I think Ace is getting more sappy each performance-playing up to the camera as musical Romeo. Bucky actually surprised me with how well he performed. I believe he is working to improve his craft each week, and may come from behind to stay until the mid-season rather than landing in the bottom 3. The judges said they could not understand Bucky's diction, but I believe their ears just aren't trained to hear "country drawl." Mandisa made her witness known, singing a song off the Christian charts. She belted out a few cool notes, but could have picked a song where she could really TESTIFY with her scats! Chris did so so with his song from Creed-screaming most of the song. Taylor did exceptional, and I *LIKED* his new fashion style. Paris was probably the best performer, both vocally, and stage presence. But her dance style was older than her 17 years-almost seductive. Elliott is looking less like a Amish farmer and more like a singer, and he is really working his craft. He's got good pipes! Katherine is the most glamorous singer on the show, and usually has excellent vocals, but I thought she bit off more than she could chew last night. Kelly P. looked totally overwhelmed by her environment last night, and her eyes and body language did not connect with the audience. Her song did not spotlight her voice. Besides, what I like most about her was gone-her zaney bubbly personality. She was singing about bubbles (soap) but lost the bubbles in her smile and eyes.

So, it will be interesting to see who goes home tonight, and what the others learn from this week's poorformance-er-I mean performance.

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Praying for your Prodigal said...

Lisa is going home!