Thursday, March 23, 2006

Bits & Pieces

Some of you have asked if my blog is asleep right now. Nope-it's not. But it is very groggy!

So, here are a few bits and pieces of the last couple of weeks, just to get you up to speed in the life of Kathy.

*I'm taking physical therapy right now, so it is taking up some time, and also means I'm limiting my time at the desk. I told someone I'm just getting old, and I'm not taking it sitting down! (actually sitting down hurts too much for long periods-so go figure—)

*But-at the same time I'm launching a new manuscript editorial business. I have been hired by nine writers (and counting) who have secured my services for a period of one year. The Fellowship of Christian Writers is endorsing me. I will be their Writer's coach, and will provide some critiques, edits, market leads, and more. I have found one thing I do better than writing is bringing out the best in other writers. I will be getting paid by the year by some writers, while other writers will pay for each service individually. I look forward to seeing this business branch out into several areas as I pick up new clients.

*I got to sing at church Sunday, and enjoyed it so much. I sang "I Will Rest In You." It just felt right, if that makes sense. That is always a good place to be-right where you know you are supposed to be.

*We went to a concert Saturday night that featured 3 singers/groups: Josh Bates, Nicole Nordeman, and Casting Crowns. I'm writing a feature article about it for Grassroots Music and TrueTunes so I'll wait for it to come out to share with you. Needless to say, it was awesome! I loved the light shows and multi-media effects as well as the singers and musicians. It was interesting to watch human nature too (not all were on their best behavior-but that's how we humans can be).

*I've been making plans for our Mother/Daughter Tea. The theme revolves around shoes. Always a favorite subject for women. The actual theme is: "Footprints of A Woman." I've been having fun coming up with the menu and the program.

*Jazzy is still keeping me busy. She is getting more disciplined, but still acting like a puppy at times. She is 4 months old now. See my other blog about her fun in the snow.

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