Thursday, March 23, 2006

America Got It Right!

Last night, the American Idol results show was on. In my mind, I was hoping the bottom three would include: Lisa, Bucky, and Kevin. My wish for the one who needed to go home-Kevin. Guess what? America got it right! yes! Now we can move forward and have a REAL American Idol contest. The ones who are moving in the right direction: Chris, Paris, Mandisa, Katherine and believe it or not, Kelly Pickler. Taylor and Elliott are awesome, but they weren't as spot-on this week. And Ace? When he uses his falsetto, he is finding his groove. I'm rooting for Chris to win and Mandisa to come in second, but there is plenty of talent to make this anyone's game.

Speaking of reality shows, a new one was on last night. Unan1mous. For 30 minutes, a group of strangers were stripped of watches and cell phones and entered a bunker with artificial light and sterile decor. There was a circular table that looked sort of like a pod. The instructions were given AFTER everyone was locked in-they say no one had a clue what they were signing up for. There is 1.5 million dollars available to ONE contestant, ONLY if he/she gets the votes of every other player. Some are choosing to lie to get the sympathies of others (one even falsely said he had testicular cancer). There is a female minister on the show who unfortunately is only 50% right in what scripture says and in how she applies it. She is alienating the others already. It is going to be interesting to see how it plays out. Some are having panic attacks. Of course-how much is real, and how much is television? Who knows? But it makes for a fascinating show. Stay tuned...

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Praying for your Prodigal said...

Thanks for the update/review! We just returned from Spring Break...where we actually did not watch any TV. time! As much as I try--some Reality addictive! I've been known to say...."hmphf...reality TV! Who needs it--my life is R-E-A-L enough!" But I must say, American Idol and Dancing with the Stars...captures my attention. And thank God for TiVo...for the nights I have to actually live my life...instead of relax in front of the TV!