Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Dreams Coming True!

At the beginning of the year, I made a goal to be more in touch with extended family and old friends. I prayed over this goal, and God showed me just how important these relationships are. By phone and my e-mail, before this week I had already connected more with my Aunt Deanna, my Aunt Verna, my friends Amy & Larry Mills, Stephanie & Mark Stokes, and Greg & Megan James. Not to mention the time with Mom and Wade, just by sharing blog entries and that sort of thing.

I have to mention just how special the e-mails from Aunt Deanna have been to me. She has such a gift to encourage others and build them up, as well as a wonderful sense of humor. A beautiful balance of GRACE.

And my friendship with Amy feels as good as it ever was, for the first time in years. Time and miles had caused us to have some hesitation or distance in our relationship for the past few years. But now, it seems like God has brought us back into each other's lives at just the right time. Do you feel that way too, Amy?

Well, this week, two more friends from my past have popped back into my life. Sandy (Reid) Bassett has been a lifelong friend-we go back as far as back is! And today, I heard from a David R. on my blog comments, and hoped to myself this was the same David R. from my childhood. Then, an e-mail from him confirmed it. Joy unspeakable! David Rubemeyer was like a brother to me, growing up across the alley from me, and attending the same grade of school. I'll never forget, he was one of the special ones who took my hand the day of my father's viewing (pre-funeral visitation), and walked to the casket with me. Not many of those types of purely platonic relationships exist. And to my joy, he is serving the Lord. We have so much to catch up on. Thank you, David, for writing!

I'm sorry for all of the exclamation points. I know they are not professional, but they are necessary. I can hardly contain myself!

See what happens when God puts a goal on your heart, and then helps you bring it to pass?

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Anonymous said...

Hi David, from Paris. Texas that is!! Glad Kathy heard from you.