Monday, January 16, 2006

Time Machine Memory Tour-2nd Grade

When I was in second grade I joined the Brownies. My mom was one of the girl scout leaders. The meetings were held in the neighborhood adjacent to the Primary School, so the girls all walked there after school was out. We were instructed the way to go, but often we went different ways, to explore. Especially of interest was the construction of a public swimming pool. They dug a huge hole in the dirt where the pool was placed. I recall vividly walking to one meeting in my brand new two-tone oxford lace-up shoes. I only got two pairs of shoes a year (normally), so I was instructed to keep the shoes nice. I was so proud of them! The girls wanted to walk by the pool construction site on our way to the meeting, and being the follower I was when I was young, I went along. I would have been too scared to walk the correct way to the meeting, all by myself. Well, the dirt piles from the big hole became a big muddy mess due to a recent rain, and we had to wade our way through it to get to the other side. With each step I took, my shoes sunk deeper into the mucky mud, and my heart sunk too. My beautiful shoes were destroyed. I was already heartbroken when I arrived at the meeting, but to make matters worse, Mom gave me the earful I deserved, and said I would be rightfully punished when we got home. I had to clean up the shoes myself, as part of the punishment, but they were never pristine again.

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