Thursday, January 12, 2006

Stand-Out Memory of Preschool Age

Since I can't remember much of my early years, I will lump them all together. Here goes:

-Mom babysat some while we were young. I enjoyed playing with other kids. I hated the enforced naptime, because I had places to go, people to see! The other parents brought things like jello, pudding, soups, and kool-aid. Not sure why I remember that, but I guess it was something I looked forward to!
-I loved sitting on my daddy's lap. When I was real young, he even let me wrap my legs around his waist, and he would hold me while he stood. It seems he often avoided chairs when visiting with friends or family out-of-doors. He either stood or squatted. Every once in while, if he was standing, he held me until I was too big to hold.
-Mom sang folk songs to us and told us neat stories. I don't think moms do that much anymore-it seems they have been replaced with CDs and DVDs. Sad, huh?
-Extended family was really important-just felt like extra sisters and brothers, or mothers and fathers.
-I adored Mr. and Mrs. Elliott next door (adopted them as Grandma and Grandpa). She was so patient with me, allowing me to beg a piece of Roman Meal bread or showing me her projects.

Well, I guess I don't remember much about my preschool years. But watch out for the next few days, my memory improves drastically!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry your memory is so poor about those years. We had a lot of fun with more organized games, etc than we had when it was just us. Only one mom brought any of those things, the one who had Jill and ?. Oops, there is one of those holes in MY memory. Even that wasn't daily, but I probably tried to make a more balanced lunch when they were there. After all they were paying customers! Haha. I think the charge was two dollars a day for one child and three dollars for two in same family. I used that money to buy the little black and white tv ( probably used)that we had in the kitchen on that shelf your dad built just for it. I remember buying a dressy hat and maybe gloves, too with my earnings. We still wore them to church, weddings, or funerals during those years.