Monday, January 30, 2006

Month One Accountability-Goal Report

At the beginning of the year, I posted my goals for 2006. Not resolutions that get dropped at the first whim, but real measurable goals. Here is how things are shaping up after one month (reports in parenthesis, after each goal):

-"365 Ways To Know God" by Elmer L. Towns, with husband Russ
(We started well with this, but did not like the book, so are looking for a new one)
-Prayer Journal
(Still need to be more disciplined with this)

-Develop mentorship goals with those I mentor
(This is going better than 2005, but will improve as I manage my time better)
-Coordinate/Facilitate Women's Ministry events and Bible Studies
(Going great! A Spa Retreat is 2/17 & 2/18, and I'm doing a 10 week Bible Study)
-Equip-U classes (lead various 6 week classes)
(Going better than I ever imagined!)
-HomeBuilders Class
(Awesome Chili Cookoff-had 48 people present, counting kids)
-Music Ministries
(Sang Peace Speaker as solo, that was well received, and worked other music ministries as well. Ordered more music for future opportunities)

-Lose 60 pounds (or more)
(Lost 8.5 pounds in January)
-Exercise at least 4 times a week
(Doing lots of stair climbing and running and carrying with Jazzy, but hope to join YMCA tomorrow)
-Eat mostly from diabetic diet/portion control
(Not eating diabetic diet, but am watching portions and eating healthier)

-Read 15 books or more in various categories (don't get in a rut!)
(I'm in the middle of 3 books right now)
-Learn more about MS Word and MS PowerPoint and page layout
(still need to learn!)

-Keep in touch more with family and friends
(This is going GREAT! I'm so glad-it is like a reunion every week!)
-Develop more friends in the community-especially our cul-de-sac
(New neighbors moved in 3 houses down, we hope to meet them. Jazzy has helped us meet some of the neighbors or visit with them)
-Entertain in our home twice a month (often using the Dinner-8 invitation)
(Haven't started this yet-due to Jazzy in the process of house training)

-Mentor Carmen Rockett-edify her as a writer/a Christian/a friend
(going well-could be better, I need to do more!)
-Finish Laundry Room
(We are working on plans for this now)
-Buy and train a puppy/dog
(Working on this one big time!)
-Online Critique Groups
(Going well-will have some changes in a couple of months)

Living Out Loud:
-Book at least 4 speaking engagements
(Have some demo stuff to send out (speaking/singing)
-Record CD
(Not yet)
-Print booklet
(Not yet)
-See at least 70 articles published
(Had 9 articles published this month)
-Pursue self-syndication of column
(Will be a new columnist in February for Dabbling Mum)
-Do mass-mailer to 50+ pastors/WM directors
(Not yet)
-Register at a WM speaker's site
(Not yet)

More Discipline:
(Not good enough)
(Better, not good enough)
-Time allotment
(Better, not good enough)

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