Sunday, January 29, 2006

Grateful Gratitudes

I haven't posted my gratitude list in a while. I haven't stopped being thankful, though!

I'm grateful for:
-Hearing from my Aunt Deanna/what a blessing!

-Getting to be a puppy mama/most of time!

-The opportunity to film a short devo for Upward Basketball/and hearing others responded favorably to it! (And the calmness of nerves to get it right on the first take-they say I am camera friendly-must be the eyes, not this ol' body)

-Russ/he helped with household chores this week and I certainly needed the assistance!

-a new friend, Regina/we watched a movie together yesterday at her house, and it was a blast. We both are weird and like thrillers-we watched _Half Light_ with Demi Moore. Very good-and the cinematography was superb. We paused the DVD several times to discuss where we thought the story was going-so many potential plots-made us sit on the edge of our seats!

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