Sunday, January 22, 2006

Good Week for LOL Biz!

This has been a good week for my Living Out Loud Communications business. I was asked to be an online columnist (paid) for The Dabbling Mum. The column will be called "Grammar 'N Style."

I also had two of my CD reviews posted this week. One is NOT a CD I would buy-but you give the review and let people decide for themselves. Here are the URLs:

StorySide B (scroll down to read review):

Scott Grimes (secular)

And I did a news story for The Sunday Challenger:

And I wrote an inspirational column for The Paris News. Unfortunately they are not online.

My homeschooling article has been picked up by at least five or six online publications. Too bad they didn't get consent from me first (and it's really too bad I didn't get paid for the reprints!). AND-while searching I found 2 of my other articles floating around the web as well. What I've been told is that the homeschool article was well written; so I'm going to write all of these places nice letters to thank them for using my article, but let them know it violates copyright law, but I'd be glad to write an article custom-made just for their needs...

I've also been asked to become a book reviewer for Glass Road Public Relations (the reviews will be of their clients' books, for various publications).

AND-I've been given 3 wonderful leads as well (if they pan out, I'll tell you about them). If all continues to go well, I will remain a freelance writer, rather than going back to a job where I have to clock in. We'll see!

I just want to thank God for giving me such a blessed week-it surely must be of HIM-when I write it down it makes me feel like much more got accomplished than I realized!

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Full Contact, Savior-centric Livin said...

Wow! You've got great things happening!

I guess the homeschooling article thing is good news/bad news. Hopefully these folks will respond positively, and maybe you'll get further assignments through this. It's good information for them to know one way or the other. Maybe you can do an article for them on copyright laws! :-)