Wednesday, August 30, 2006

So Much Sadness

There is so much sadness in the news. The accident of Flight 5191 in Lexington, KY killed 49 victims and left one survivor struggling for his life. One couple that died in the crash was just married the evening before in a fairy tale wedding celebration. Another man in the crash had a heart of gold for Habitat for Humanity. Every life extinguished in that broken and burning plane was special to someone.

The news also has been documenting the yearlong struggle for the Gulf of Mexico region to recover from Hurricane Katrina. Bible Baptist Church in Gulfport recently celebrated their new building, but many homes and businesses remain in ruins. One young man rescued from the Louisiana nightmare was deposited by bus in Houston, later to be shot and killed on the street.

For the past two weeks, the greater Cincinnati area (my "backyard") has been looking for Marcus Fiesel, a three year old special needs child. The foster mother claimed something happened to him while she had a fainting episode at a local park due to a heart condition. When she came to, the three other children were present, but Marcus was missing. Churches and communities as far as 60 miles away showed an outpouring of concern as they prayed and helped in the search.

Authorities soon realized that little Marcus had never been in the park. Now the truth is out: the foster parents had routinely restrained Marcus and left him at home. Days before the park incident, Marcus had his arms pinned behind his back and was wrapped in a blanket and packing tape like a mummy. With only his head exposed, he cried out in fear, so the couple placed him in a closet with a fan turned on to block the screams.

Marcus was abandoned for 36 hours, and found dead when they returned home. To cover up the death, the foster dad burned the body several times in an abandoned chimney out in the country, and then allegedly dumped the remains in the Ohio River.

During times like these, we need a Savior. Not just a one-time Savior who saves us from our sinful nature to be claimed for an eternity with Him, but also a day-by-day Savior who indwells believers and comforts us with a peace that passes all human understanding.

What have you done with your sadness lately? Have you found yourself floundering under the dark clouds or reaching out to each other and to our Heavenly Father?

...In Times Like These, We Need A Savior...

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