Saturday, August 05, 2006

School Dress Codes-Looking Back

On one of the e-mail lists, we are discussing dress codes when we were in school. Here are some of my memories. If you were in my school, or my town, and remember more about the details, please do feel free to comment or write me off list. I'd love to know more!

When I started school in 1968, I was the first class of kindergarten in our school district. Before that, school started with first grade and some attended a private kindergarten if they wished. I didn't have a dress code in the elementary school, but while I was in elementary school, the older girls (junior high and high school) had a dress code. These older girls said they couldn't wear pants to school. And then when slacks were allowed, they could not be jeans.

BUT-when I started junior high I had to wear a uniform for gym class. It was a one piece shorts jumpsuit with a zipper, blue bottom part and blue and white striped upper part. Seems like it was sleeveless. That same year, they changed the rules so we were allowed to wear regular street clothes in gym class. We stuffed our gym lockers with T-shirts and shorts and deodorant, of course! The cool girls took their clothes home every Friday to launder, but the "skags" (not nice, I know now) often let their clothes ripen before they took them home. Oh---the memories!

I'm not sure why the dress code seemed to always change just as I was emerging on the scene, but I love hearing about dress codes.

I remember a page of rules for the dress code when I entered high school. Girls were not allowed to go bra-less or wear spaghetti strap tops to school, and no one could wear shorts. If the temperatures got into the 90s, sometimes they would bend the rules.

From what I notice of times today, school dress code rules are extremely different (or nonexistent) unless the school has required uniforms.

Interesting to observe the changing of the times!

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Full Contact, Savior-centric Livin said...

I think our school had dress codes, but I don't really know what they were. Most of us were from conservative backgrounds, and we just dressed in a reasonable manner. I think I remember something once about a girl having a dress that was too short. Oh, and we were not allowed to wear shorts either. All for the better, I say!

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