Thursday, August 03, 2006

A Crazy Boil Has Surfaced!

I went to Urgent Care this morning about a boil that has popped up on my abdomen. There's no way to be delicate with words-so I'll just say it-it was oozing pus. The doctor confirmed it was a boil-a skin abscess. He expressed some of the pus and sent it off for culture and sensitivity testing. He then expressed as much of the pus as he could from the pocket.

He is concerned that since I have been on antibiotics since Friday, was on IV antibiotic at the hospital on Friday-and the very fact that I was-AT THE HOSPITAL on Friday bothered him. (I'm assuming this means he thinks I picked this up there). He is afraid it could be MRSA-antibiotic resistant staph infection. We will know in 3-4 days if that is the case.

In the meantime, he switched me to Levaquin rather than the other antibiotic I was on, as well as a type of antibiotic that is in gel form to rub into my nose because he said this type of infection tends to colonize in the nose for some reason. It hasn't yet, but he wants to be proactive.

I am to do hot compresses twice daily to express whatever I can from the sore. Also to observe it because if it gets bigger and isn't draining on its own he will need to open it up to drain it.

I didn't have a fever at the office today, but my blood pressure was 168/120. It did go down to 159/104 before I left, from sitting there for two hours with no stimulus. I'm to mention the hypertension when I go to my doc next Friday.

But for now the biggest thing on the agenda is to keep this infection from going to my bloodstream.

I appreciate your concern and prayers!

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