Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Zoo Photos

We went to the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens for our 25th Wedding Anniversary on August 21st. Here are some photos:

This is a vampire bat. Russ and I were intrigued by these bats in the nocturnal house because there were tubs of red liquid in the cage with the bats. We read the sign, and sure enough, it was real blood, the only food vampire bats consume. Amazing!

This is Muke, the Zoo’s 24-year-old western lowland gorilla and her newborn baby boy. The four-pound male baby gorilla was born on Sunday, August 13. We got to see him on one of his first days out. I've heard mama never lets go of him. It was very sweet to see!

The polar bear exhibit was one of my favorite. You could watch the bear above ground or go underneath the surface to see him play beneath the water's surface. His antics were fun to watch!

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