Friday, August 11, 2006


Thanks to those who have been following my journey toward spinal cord stimulator surgery. Just wanted to give you an update on the progress. I went to the doctor's office yesterday (Friday) for my presurgery physical. They also looked at my wound from the incision and drainage procedure on Wednesday and removed the wicking. It is looking "clean" so that is good. Now I just keep it dry (no more antibiotic ointment) and wear a dressing over it until the wound heals shut. They didn't put stitches in it so that it would heal from the inside out and not fill up with any sort of fluid. They did an EKG, which was normal (no reason to think it wouldn't be). My blood pressure was down to 138/90, so that is much improved from what it was before. And I go for a chest x-ray and blood-work next week, in preparation for my neurosurgeon presurgery appointment next Friday. From there-we set the date and move forward! It should be in 2-3 weeks from now, we are guessing.

You have asked what I've been up to, so just wanted to share that my Jazzy dog is doing a great job of entertaining me (will have to write an article about her). And I've taken up rubber-stamping. I did this YEARS ago, but never had any "formal training." Now I have a friend (Thanks Betty!) helping me figure out how to dress the cards up a bit more. It's all in the supplies! My goal is to make all the thank-you cards I will need, and also all my Christmas cards. That should keep me busy for the 2 months I'll be recuperating. Also, we are going to dream up a neat craft project to do for favors for our Fall Friendship Tea at church (to be held in November).

Also, I have a new book idea, and have been writing the skeleton for it, so I can have a good foundation upon which to build. It's pretty exciting. I'll get a brainstorm at the oddest times, and so I keep pen and paper handy no matter where I am!

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