Friday, August 25, 2006

BOOK REVIEW: Violet Dawn

by: Kathy Carlton Willis

Title: Violet Dawn (Kanner Lake Series)

Author: Brandilyn Collins

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 0-310-25223-7

Genre: Inspirational/Mystery/Suspense

Paige Williams runs from her twenty-five year past by transplanting herself to the resort town of Kanner Lake, Idaho. She works as a sales clerk and lives a quiet life on the outskirts of town.

The book opens with Paige soothing her insomnia in a hot tub. She dips under the water, seeking the solace of solitude only to be greeted by the touch of human flesh. Did I mention there was a dead body in the hot tub? Paige determines her past would be revealed if she calls the police, so she decides to hide the body and move forward with her life of secrecy.

This sleepy town is all atwitter with the excitement of new gossip-local celebrity, Edna San, antiquated movie legend, is missing from her estate. The downtown coffee shop (Java Joint) owned by Christian Bailey Truitt is buzzing with the news.

Author Brandilyn Collins sets the stage with these opening scenes for a full-fledged suspense thriller. She switches point of view with each short chapter. Action and emotions drive the story as we see Paige come face to face with her past-evil so lethal one could easily suspect the author is writing about the devil himself.

Readers who devour this tasty psychological thriller will want to read the author's previous works: Brink of Death, Stain of Guilt, Dead of Night, Web of Lies, Eyes of Elisha, and others. Be on the lookout for future novels in the Kanner Lake Series.

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