Saturday, July 26, 2008

Work Day Photos

Today, 18 members of First Baptist Church met to bring order back to the chaos caused by Hurricane Dolly. The first step was to remove the fallen ceiling tiles, soggy carpet, and soaked pew cushions. We discovered more damage today. The beautiful beams in the church now have wood popping loose--must be a type of veneer. Also it looks like the new carpet we just put down a couple of months ago in the Sunday School classrooms has mold starting to grow (it smells that way too). Not sure the wet vac will be the remedy. Maybe if we could have gotten to it the first or second day, but with power out, that wasn't possible. We plan for services tomorrow. A little hurricane isn't going to keep us from worshiping God!


Terra Hangen said...

Hi Kathy,
The church photos show how lovely your church structure was, is, and will be.
I love the light entering the windows.
How good that you have services planned for this Sunday.
Be bold (advice you don't need).
Prayers for recovery and great success.

Debbie said...

Wow, those pictures are very impactful to see. I'm glad the hurricane didn't keep you from worshipping God.

Joe Ortiz said...

Our hearts, prayers and blessings go out to the courageous people in your congregation.

Joe Ortiz, author
"Why Christians Will Suffer Great Tribulations."

Jane Tomlinson said...

It makes me so sad to learn that the Raymondville First Baptist Church is so destroyed. Our family has such fond memories. I was baptized in this church. Both of our children were baptized there. Our daughter's wedding was there as well as so many other weddings, funerals and celebrations. God is Good. Our prayers are with you all. Jane Tomlison