Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Midnight Report-Before Dolly Hits Land

It's midnight now and the rain is coming down harder. Tornadic activity has been reported on radar in the county South of us, a precursor of Dolly. She is said to have several potential tornadoes in her bag of tricks. At the rate Dolly is approaching land, she is estimated to touch our beaches between 10 AM and Noon (Wednesday). Prior to that will be a great amount of wind and rain.

We have a special adapter we can use in our vehicles to plug in small electronic devices like our laptops and our cell phones if the electricity goes out.

I noticed our neighbor pull out a charcoal grill to use if we lose power. I wish I would have thought of that! We don't have a gas or charcoal grill of any kind and our home is all-electric.

We have plenty of cheese crackers and peanut butter and saltines to get by if we have to! I also purchased tuna and canned chicken and some other nonperishables. And like the bears before hibernation, we have a nice "fat pad" to keep us nourished if we don't have three course meals for a while!

The main thing we didn't do since the storm is only a Category One is to board up our windows. We have quite a few windows, but they've survived storms since 1960.

To be honest, we are most concerned about the church because it is in a low-level of the town with worse drainage conditions. The roof and ceilings are compromised anyway due to age and previous weather problems. Also we are concerned for our elderly church members who might require assistance and be too independent to ask for help. We will be sure to check on them as soon as we know what we are dealing with.

Our Music Director went ahead and left town with his wife and infant daughter, and left his tall truck with us because it would be safer here than at his rental. So we have permission to use it to get around town if we need to, and it sits up taller than our mini-van.

There has not been a voluntary evacuation ordered, though, so we should be safe. We'll probably just be inconvenienced. This time tomorrow, we'll know what we're dealing with. And if the Internet is available, you'll know too.

Stay tuned.

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