Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sunday's Coming!

We’re already seeing God at work! He has given us all sorts of grace. Not just amazing grace, but sufficient grace, enduring grace, discerning grace, and more!

There are some great opportunities for God to be glorified—the testimony we have as a church family in the community can go a long way during these trying times-more than a new church program or a big church budget.

Tomorrow during church we are excited to get together, even without power and dealing with the high temperatures and rank smells, to show God He means more to us than the aftermath of Dolly. We are going to celebrate that our lives were spared and that most houses are still standing, and that things aren’t worse than they are. So much to be grateful for.

Every time you see rebuilding in the Bible-from what I can remember, revival breaks out. Oh Lord, may it happen in Raymondville!

Some have asked more details, and I've sent out notes, but just so you all know:
You have asked where you can send donations as we rebuild. That touches my heart more than you KNOW! All charitable donations can be sent to:

First Baptist Church
P.O. Box 367
Raymondville, TX 78580

You will receive a receipt for tax purposes, as well.

Another question I received was about our insurance benefits and what we will be left to pay to redo the church, and what offerings we have to work with. We do have insurance, but it is a 20/80 plan, plus our deductible, plus to get things to look historic (we are on the historic registry with a marker in front of our building) we will have more expense than just using modern church design. Our church is a very small church membership, with primarily senior citizens on fixed incomes, and those still working just making it paycheck to paycheck. An average week of offerings is only $1500 to run all the ministries of the church and pay the salaries and the utility bills. Our county is the 12th poorest county in the entire nation, so fundraising will be challenging.



Ronnie Goforth said...

I have seen the destruction to your town and more importantly to your church by Hurricane Dolly. I send praise to God that there were no lives lost. We do have a Gracious Lord. Please keep everyone posted as you work to clean and re-build, especially after the adjusters come and go. I would really like to help by sending some items that you might be in need of and would like to have a list or even a partial list of things that could be of use to your community at this time. May God continue to Bless your family , your church family and your town.

Lysa TerKeurst said...

Oh Kathy...

I am praying for your community and your church right now.

I'm a fellow AWSA'er.

I pray you are able to hold your services today and that the power of the holy Spirit far ourtweighs the evident power of that hurricane.

Sweet Blessings,