Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Morning Watch, Less than 2 Hours to Impact

Bottom Photo:
The sky reflects the impending hurricane and the trees are blowing in the wind.

Second Photo:
Our big plastic container is there to catch water from our faulty roof drainage and divert it away from the house (we poked holes in the container away from the house). The sand bags will help stop a little of the back flow of water towards our back door. They only gave us limited bags, so we put the rest at our front door.

Top Photo:
Our driveway is already almost flooded over, with very little rain down compared with what is to come.

The news says this has time to make it to a Category Two before it hits land. And the news keeps mentioning Raymondville as the worst possible flood area because of our poor system to divert even a little rain before the streets flood.

More soon!

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