Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Hurricane Dolly continues to churn. The news just reported some bad news for us. Dolly has decided to stall out, churning for longer right along our coastline, and rather than making landfall south of us, she will slowly make her way north on the shoreline and will probably make landfall just east of us, and with this slow-mo action, they are now saying it will be another 2-3 hours before she hits. If you hear the town Port Mansfield on the news in relation to this hurricane, that is the closest shoreline town to where we live (north of South Padre Island area).

The bad news is, with Dolly taking her time coming ashore, the rain and winds have camped out longer in our area, rather than making its way west and out of our area.

We needed moisture earlier in the year, but now it has hit at the worst time. The cotton crops had just opened up their buds and before most farmers could get the cotton in, this rain has come to wreak havoc. They might be taking a total loss.

Our electricity has powered off three times, but each time came right back on.

Jazzy doesn't know what to do now that her bathroom is flooded. Hmm...

And inside, I'm making Crispix party mix. We might as well make the best of this, right?

Thanks for your interest and prayers.

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