Wednesday, July 23, 2008


We have every reason to believe that we will be fine in our own home. Russ has plans to cover any damaged windows we might get with the wood we have from extra doors and even a ping pong table so we are set to go if we need to cover up windows. These windows have lasted through storms since 1960 so I have every reason to believe they will be okay unless a fluke tree limb or other debris crashes through.

We also want you to know that the Raymondville Shelter is right across the street from us, at the High School Auditorium, so if things worsen, we will go there.

The rain has been start and stop, along with the wind--coming in bands. But now it seems to be here to stay.

We have our cell phones fully charged and a way to recharge them if electricity goes out, so if your worrier gets to be too much you are welcome to call us. Otherwise, we will just keep posting here to let you know updates (until electricity goes out).

We should be one of the first to regain power after the storm is over, since we are in the same region of town as the city shelter at the school. The power crews say they will not send out workers in the storm so they will wait until the Hurricane passes and risks of tornadoes lessen before they send crews to fix failed power lines.

Watching and Waiting!

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