Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hanging On!

The storm has slowed down before making landfall, which means it's prepared to drop a LOT of rain before moving out of the area. It's also brewing some tornadoes.

Our lights have flickered several times, but power has not gone out. The television satellite signal has gone out several times, but comes right back on in just minutes. Of course, we have it on our local news for up to the minute weather updates.

Dolly is having 120 mile wind gusts and is making interesting sounds out there. The trees look like God is stirring a pot of guisado. Not blowing in one direction but swaying in all different directions. The palm trees are REALLY swaying.

The birds outside act confused and worried. My Libby (calico cat) has hunkered down in her comfy sleeping cube, and Jazzy (Boston Terrier) is on her blankee on the couch with a bite of blankee in her mouth much like a pacifier. Animals KNOW.

Thanks for those prayers. Someone asked if we have insurance. We do and so does the church. BUT our church is a historical building and there is no way to replicate it if something happens--no amount of money can make it all better. More important than buildings though, are the individuals who are at risk.

Still watching and waiting.

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