Monday, April 24, 2006

Monday Gratitude List

Just when I think it is hard to think of a fresh list, the more I know I NEED
to be thinking about this! Mondays are always rough, so that is why I picked
this day to encourage everyone to think of their own gratitude lists for the
week. I bet Mondays are hard for you too!

So here is my list for the past week:

1. Gas in my tank. Okay, just in my automobile, but SOMETIMES also this means
I had some energy. A power nap almost daily really helps this!
2. A friend who came over to help me do housework on Saturday, and she
wouldn't take payment for it. She plans to come again next week, and she is going to
bring her carpet cleaner too! A big thanks to Marti.
3. I picked up a couple more editing projects this last week. I'm praying God
will help me take in as many of these as I can do well-I enjoy it and it is
good to get paid, too!
4. I got to co-teach with Russ yesterday in Sunday School. We teach a class called HomeBuilders, for ages 35-55 (approximately). We just launched a new series called "Overcoming Overload." I don't always tag-team teach with him, so when we do a series together, it is a privilege to me. Why? Because I absolutely LOVE the chemistry. It gets me all jazzed up to teach together about something with which we are passionate. And I love the connection we make with our class members, too. It was a blessing.
5. I got to sing in a mixed quartet yesterday at church that was phenominal-I'm not saying it as a brag-I'm very HUMBLED to be used in this way-that is why I'm grateful-it was a real GIFT to me! I sang with two of my closest friends, and my husband who IS my closest friend. We sang "Arise My Love" which is a very powerful song. By the last chorus, the entire church was on its feet (over 500 people). And this is a church that is NOT demonstrative during the music, so this was HUGE! It was just that kind of song. And I got to be a part of it. So I'm grateful today!

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done said...

What a good list, mine is:
1. My time with God every morning.
2. Having a family, even though they are hard to deal with at times.
3. A home that keeps us safe from the outside wheather.
4. A friend to walk in the park with.
5. A church I feel comfortable in, with a good church family.
This will be my gratitude list for the rest of this week. Take care, Elisa:)