Monday, April 10, 2006

Grateful Gratitudes

My gratitude list for the week (of course just a partial list-paper could not
contain my entire list):

1. I'm so excited about this-I made plane reservations to go visit my Mom for Mother's Day. I haven't seen her since August of 2004. That was good enough, but...

2. She wrote back and said that was a good time to come because we can go to a Family Reunion together-so I get to see family I haven't seen in ages, some I've NEVER seen! This will be so exciting.

3. My back pain is getting a bit better. I remembered a special traction table from way back when I worked for a chiropractor in 1987-88. It is sometimes called closed reduction traction or flexion-distraction. It moves up and down and side to side while the doctor isolates each vertebra/disc space with his hand and opens up the space. It really helps, and makes it not feel like bone on bone so much. So, I had a treatment Friday, and saw some improvement, compared to other types of chiropractic treatments I have had.

4. The sunshine-I can't say enough good about it. The grass here in Kentucky is so green-no wonder we are known for our "bluegrass." Not the music. Even the dandelions are pretty! haha!

5. Our puppy, Jazzy is doing much better. We are working harder on a consistent schedule, and also keeping her occupied while we are gone so she doesn't get bored. Whew! And she is so entertaining!

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