Wednesday, April 12, 2006

American Idol

Last night, American Idol contestants sang Queen hits. I never realized all of those were Queen songs. I do have an interesting tidbit about trading singles (single records-old school before 8 track) with Tammy Bokor-she let me have Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody." I was in hog heaven! I owned it until 2004.

On to the contestants. Here is how I rate them:

#1-Chris (I would go to one of his concerts!)
#2-Kellie (She looked hot and sounded like Cindy Lauper on steroids)
#3-Paris (she looked way older than her years, and sang with POWER)
#4-Ace (I was actually surprised he pulled this off!)
#5-Bucky (another great surprise-he will be safe this week)
#6-Taylor (I love this dude but he is missing the star quality)
#7-Katharine (others loved her song, but I thought it was pitchy and made me cringe-I love HER and her singing, but not THIS rendition)
#8-Elliott (I love Elliott, but too much vibrato, but he is possibly on the chopping block tonight)

Bottom 3 should be Taylor, Katharine, and Elliott. But others say Ace should be the one to go. Not yet. Not this week. (But I'm not America!)

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