Saturday, April 08, 2006

Japanese Steak House

We went to a brand new Japanese Steak House on their opening day. It does not appear to be a chain, and everyone on staff was Japanese. Some barely knew English. We were the first customers to request their Hibachi grill. It is our favorite because you get a free show as they cook your meal in front of you. We were not disappointed. Even the other staff gathered around the chef as he entertained us with his quick-handed antics. We counted the Hibachi stations, and there are plenty to invite our entire Sunday School class for a fun outing. The meal was excellent. For lunch, we were served soup, stir-fried rice, stir-fried vegetables, and our choice of meat, and a drink. We both ate for about $24.00 if I recall correctly. Our drinks were not allowed to go down about 1/3 empty before someone graciously refilled them.

There were only chopsticks at the place settings. Russ struggled with his, but I seemed to do okay. After we spent about five minutes eating, one of the staff came by to offer Russ silverware. They said they could tell he was having a hard time with the chopsticks. He declined the offer and said he wanted to learn. They turned to me and said they had been watching me as well, and I was using the chopsticks perfectly. That made my day! Of course, they were probably just being kind.

We look forward to returning to try something else, very soon.

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