Saturday, April 15, 2006

Favorite Childhood Easter Memories

Here are a few of my favorite Easter memories:

•Dyeing eggs to help the Easter Bunny out. I'll never forget that vinegar smell!

•Dad waiting to cut the grass so that there are some neat tufts of grass to bury the eggs in.

•Waking up Sunday morning to hunt eggs and then to save the eggs for more hunts with friends and family later on. We rarely ate the eggs because we hid them so many times!

•Once or twice I got a store-bought Easter dress and/or bonnet. Often I got hand-me-downs or Mom made my dress. Some years, I'm guessing I just wore a dress already in the closet. Often, the Easter weather did not cooperate and I recall having goose bumps on top of my goose bumps.

•I can't recall any particular foods cooked for Easter. Seems that was usually the first batch of deviled eggs for the year. Maybe Mom used some of our Easter eggs after all!

•Not sure when we "graduated," but in later years, Mom would hide our filled Easter Baskets in the house and we had to find it. I recall under the kitchen sink was a favorite hiding place.

•Dad loved some of the Easter candies so much he was known to "borrow" them from us when we weren't looking. Our folks had their own basket of candies, but his favorite ones (was it the malted milk speckled eggs?) disappeared quickly.

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