Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Gratitude List

This isn’t just a Monday Gratitude List. This time, it’s a Thanksgiving List. When I look at how life has changed in the last year, I’m counting my blessings for:
  • I’m grateful for a place to live. The thought of not having shelter is a scary thing, and just a couple of weeks ago, I wasn’t certain we’d be able to afford the rent much longer. What a relief to have work come in. Security!
  • I’m grateful for new clients. Not just provision for bills, but rewarding work to do. Fulfillment!
  • I’m grateful for settling in to a new town. Finding new friends. A place of worship. Community!
  • I’m grateful for a loving husband who would take me to the moon and back if that’s where I wanted to go. Intimacy!
  • I’m grateful for a God who loves me. Who wants me to commune with Him. He listens when we talk. Security, Fulfillment, Community AND Intimacy!

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Robin J. Steinweg said...

Beautiful, Kathy. What a refreshing thing gratitude is. For thankful and thankee (hmm, does that work? Oh well, for the giver of thanks as well as the recipient). Excellent post!