Friday, November 05, 2010

A Style to Dye For

Ever endured one of the dreaded "bowl" haircuts while perched on a stack of books atop a kitchen chair? Mom managed to perform several of those, especially on school picture day. In my mind I was a pleasant little girl, sitting ramrod straight, but I'm quite certain that in the real world it was next to impossible for Mom to get me to sit still long enough to cut the straight line required for those school-girl bangs. I do remember a couple of hair salon visits in my childhood, but those were rare. At times Mom brought home a Lilt permanent to torture my hair (and nostrils) just a bit more. You see, we often had to make do with what we had.

Imagine our joy when Aunt Minnie began to apprentice as a hair stylist at her sister's shop. Finally I could sport the latest hair-dos! I became a living practice mannequin for Aunt Minnie. Shag haircut? Mine. Dorothy Hamill's wedge, yep. French braid, perfect for Senior Awards Ceremony. Soft curls for my wedding day. And later, we newlyweds sported matching bi-level unisex styles (permed curly on top, straight and short on bottom). Aunt Minnie started my love affair with hairstyles. Just one more way to express my personality and style—like changing jewelry.

Color came next. My hair hasn't known the hue of its base color since 1995. I say my hair is chemically dependent, but I'm not ready to go in for rehab just yet.

I've had home cuts and perms. Been to Barber School and Beauty School. Even been blessed with some expensive salon experiences (sometimes complete with sticker shock). And now that we are back to the basics, I'm doing my own color again.

Today, after 8 weeks of neglecting my hair, I finally ran down to the Continental Hairlines shop for a nice (reasonable) razor cut. After a trip to Wal-mart, I brought home a new kind of hair color. Two-process. Now I can have my color, and highlights too!

I'm not sure why I procrastinated this for so long. It feels great to be back in the "hairstyle" saddle again. No more tears.

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