Thursday, April 12, 2007

What's Really Important To Me?

Today, in our Extended Stay Hotel, the fire alarm went off. Not just the smoke alarm. And I wasn't even cooking! I noticed the alarm was hotel-wide rather than just my room. I had to make some fast decisions. What was really important to me? Russ wasn't here to help in those decisions.

First, I scooped Jazzy into my arms. She needed comforting anyway due to the high pitched squeals of the alarm.

Second, I grabbed my purse so that I would have my identification with me.

Third, I grabbed my coat and shoes, since it is so damp/cold outside.

Fourth, I picked up my hotel key so that if time allowed I could get back in to rescue other items. I looked longingly at my computer, thinking of all the information that would be lost if it burned up. But not having enough arms to juggle it all, I left it behind.

Then I went down the hall. Fear and curiosity mixed together. Yet something told me it would all be okay. I didn't have to wait long to have the answer. The people next door were using newspaper to fan the smoke out of their room. He admitted the gal had smoked a cigarette near the smoke alarm and set it off. They had no idea it would set off the fire alarms for the entire hotel.

Relief set in. And then I started to shake. It could have been the real deal, but instead I was safe. And I didn't lose anything at all.

If this happened to you and you had just seconds to pick up what is important to you, what would YOU grab?

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