Saturday, April 21, 2007

What Do I Stand For?

You know, one thing I've been thinking a lot about over the past year, and you might call me a curmudgeon for bringing it up, but I wonder how the world sees us when we take a stand.

I want them to see what I stand FOR, what I believe IN, rather than what I am AGAINST.

What defines me as a Christ-follower? Is it a long list that makes me more righteous than the world, or is it a passion for souls and living a life that is designed to please Christ alone? Am I meeting them where they are, or am I expecting them to act like something they're not (yet)?

What am I doing that might alienate the lost and how can I change that without changing my morals or staining my integrity?

How can I show love to the Lost? How can I display love to other believers in a way that will show them just how special they are to God?

When others think of me, do they think of me as a "hater" or as a person who cares? Am I puffed up in pride, or am I real?

My prayer has been that I allow my life to be defined by that same unconditional love that Christ gifts me with, and that I would crucify any haughty attitudes and judgmental spirits that remain in me.

I'm not there yet. It is a process. And the Lord reminds me when I slip back into that "you should do this" mode (whether I'm "shoulding" myself or others). He patterns to me how to show grace and how to exhibit compassion. I'm learning every day.

It's so hard, and that is why I'm confessing it to you, because maybe you will join me in these goals.

May God bless us in our growing pains.

(c) 2007 Kathy Carlton Willis

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