Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Little People/Big World

One of my friends (Teresa) wrote to say how much she enjoys watching Little People, Big World on television. I just had to share a neat tidbit about the wonderful people on this show.

I met the grandparents from the show at the writers conference in California. The grandparents and the parents (the "Little People") on the show, are all Christians. Joy just overflows from these folks, and they are so real and transparent (that is why the show works!).

The grandparents spoke during one of our meals, and I fell in love with them, but had never seen the show. Then, during chapel, I happened to sit behind them, and at the end of the service, they turned to talk to me. The Grandfather said, "You should be singing professionally. In fact, your singing inspired me so much, that *I* even sang out, and I don't normally do that."

And then his wife got a twinkle in her eye and said, "I wish you WOULDN'T have! He can't sing!" It was soooo funny!

When I returned home from California and moved to temporary housing, I received cable and could watch the show. Now I see why it is so popular. It is refreshing, it is addicting even!

I can attest that these folks are very genuine! If you get the opportunity to watch the show, tune in!

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