Monday, April 16, 2007

More Home-Away-From-Home

We still haven't moved to our "new" house, so after 10 days at the Extended Stay Hotel in one itty-bitty hotel room with a cat and dog, we decided to say "yes" to an offer by friends Vickie and Casey to stay at their place until our new place is ready for us. We were unsure about staying with anyone due to our pets. Well, Vickie has a craft room, so we were able to put Libby (our cat) in there. And our Boston Terrier fell in love with their Dachshund, so that worked out GREAT! They are having sooooo much fun together! I'm really glad they aren't fighting with each other. It's actually quite entertaining to watch them!

So, tonight I'll get my first solid night's sleep in the past 18 days. The last 10 days, I haven't slept well because our cat is nocturnal and every time she would move around in the hotel room our dog would wake up and chase her, and that would wake ME up! Before that I was getting the last of our belongings ready for storage. And prior to that I was at the writers conference, and didn't sleep much there either. So, I'm already grateful, in advance, for the sleep I'm going to get!

We are glad to be in a place where we can spread out a bit. And Russ did laundry today for free, rather than $2 a load. All of that helps out!

At the Extended Stay, we had to laugh because the kitchenette was equipped with:
2 plates, 2 bowls, 2 salad plates, 2 small plastic cups, 2 coffee cups, 1 saucepan, 1 skillet, 2 sets of silverware, 1 steak knife, 1 serving spoon, 1 spatula, 1 strainer. And that's it! We had to ask for dish soap every other day because they only gave us enough to wash up a couple of times. It really was NOT a home away from home!

No matter where we stay, I still feel disconnected from any sort of "roots." I need a nest! No call will be so welcome as the call that our place is ready and we can "come on down."

What happens when you finish reading a chapter that ends with the main character going through multiple trials and emotions and upset? You want to turn the page and get to the next chapter to see how it all comes out. Well, I'm there in my life. Ready to turn the page. Being stuck somewhere between, "to be continued" and "happily ever after."

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