Monday, April 30, 2007

I'm Speechless!

Our Realtor called tonight with an amazing offer. She said the office got together after we left today, and decided we simply needed to get this house. The house matches us, and we match the house. But it was more than that. She said we are a good fit for Fulton, and we have so much to offer the community. And she felt like the runaround we have gotten was no way to welcome us to the community. So, as a staff, they decided to scrape their money together and buy the house with cash if necessary, and let us buy the house from them for no extra cost, when we get our financing together.

She believes we WILL close on our loan my May 8th, in time to not lose our contract. But just in case, she wants to offer to buy it so we don't lose it.

And from what I understand, this is not something she has ever offered anyone else. It's not a gimmick. It's the most selfless gift of love I've seen in a while. She said her administrative assistant even offered to go without her paycheck for a week if that would help. Considering the AA is a young wife and mother, that is HUGE. Of course, the Realtor thinks they can manage without needing to do that, but the offer is what touches my heart!

Our Realtor said she just kept thinking all day of what she could have done differently along the way so this wouldn't happen. She's just not sure what went so wrong.

The good news is that our loan application is FINALLY in underwriting. So maybe, just maybe, it will close like it is supposed to. And if it doesn't we have a Plan B. We also have a Plan C and Plan D!

So for now, we are waiting it out. Keep praying. We'd like Plan A to work out for once!

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