Friday, September 22, 2006

Jazzy Psyched Us Out!

Jazzy, our 10 month old Boston Terrier, thinks all the company we have been having are here to see her. It's all about JAZZY, don't you know?! So, if someone comes with a meal in their arms, we try to put Jazzy out, and she can watch us visit from the French Doors on the deck. She gives a side show for our friends by jumping sky high, like she is on an invisible pogo stick. She can jump higher than our deadbolt.

Well, yesterday Betty and Bev came by with some KFC, and they felt sorry for Jazzy. They insisted it was okay to let her in. Jazzy smothered them in sloppy wet kisses and let them know she was in love at first sight. We didn't want Jazzy to overwhelm them, so Russ scooped up Jazzy and held her while we chatted. Bev found one of Jazzy's balls and decided to throw it for Jazzy to chase. Jazzy acted like she was all excited to chase the ball, but as soon as Russ let her down, she headed for our guests-to give them round two of kisses. We tried this three different times, and each time, Jazzy acted like she would chase the ball, but would instead go give kisses. It was hilarious.

It hurts to laugh, but it hurts NOT to laugh, if you know what I mean!

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