Monday, September 04, 2006

If They Were Psychic-Humor Contest

One of the humor writing contests suggested writers make a list of "if this thing/person was psychic, what this result would be." I enjoyed a five minute exercise of letting my creative juices flow. Some are funny, some aren't, but that's how you find the ONE that works (you go through all the clunkers to get to the treasures!). Why not have fun with this little exercise yourself?

If doctors were psychic....they'd lose their house in Miami from running less tests.

If dogs were psychic...oh wait—they are!

If teachers were psychic...they'd know when the dog really ate the homework.

If priests were psychic...there'd be no need for confession.

If pastors were psychic...they'd see through that compliment of "good sermon, Pastor."

If police were psychic...they'd only do a body cavity search if it was absolutely necessary.

If turtles were psychic...they'd know better than to cross the road.

If joke hearers were psychic...they'd know why the chicken crossed the road.

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