Monday, September 25, 2006

Gratitude List

I think I've missed posting my gratitude list the past two weeks-so I better get with it! If I can't be thankful, I can't really be living, right?

I'm grateful for:

1. Breakfast cereals eaten dry as snacks. Yum!

2. Jars of homemade vegetable soup delivered in a gift bag yesterday along with two very nice lotions. Pampering for my skin and my belly-how nice is that? Thanks to Les and Juanita for that.

3. A phone call from my Aunt Verna. I'm grateful that this past year has helped me reconnect with my three paternal aunts-a true blessing to me. I think when my cousin died it was a wake-up call for all of us. I've received cards from all 3 aunts in the past month-how thoughtful!

4. Phone calls from friends-one is even willing to come over and shave my legs since I can't bend-now THAT'S a friend!

5. Donatos pizza-how convenient to call for delivery. I love 1/2 pepperoni and 1/2 Hawaiian on thin crust.

Pizza is good for when your cupboards are getting empty. I haven't been to the grocery story for over two weeks-I'm overdue. Russ almost ate yogurt yesterday that had expired! I did have an outing on Friday-to go eat a grilled cheese sandwich at Frishe's Big Boy (had a gift card). We were going to go to Kroger after we ate, just to pick up 5 items, but we had forgotten my remote control programmer for my spinal cord stimulator. I'm not supposed to go through the security gates at stores without turning off the stimulator, so that means we aborted the grocery trip and Russ did it on his way home. But...I'm really due to get out of the house again-cabin fever is setting in!

I go tomorrow for my first post-op visit, and also for a visit with Medtronics to reprogram my device.

I'm definitely on the mend!

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Gavin said...

Kathy, I'm with you on the 1/2 pepproni, 1/2 Hawaiian. But its got to be on a thick crust.