Thursday, January 07, 2010

Wind Chill-Frosty!

I moved my achey breaky bones to the tippy-toe of Texas, partly to get away from the freezing cold winter weather of the north. I did a pretty good job of playing hide-and-seek from Mr. Winter until today. We are now officially experiencing the coldest of our "four seasons," and by morning, with wind chill it will feel like 15 degrees. WHAT?

My body feels like a human barometer. Even my fur baby, Jazzy is feeling the chill. No worries though--she's comfy cozy in her pink fleece cover-up, and she only has to go out when nature calls.

I know, I know...I have no reason to complain. In a few days it will be sunny and in the 70s again. IDEAL. And you can bet, when the sun warms us back up, I will not take our sub-tropical weather for granted. At least for a few days...until my mind forgets the goose bumps.

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