Thursday, January 14, 2010


It's been real important to readjust my attitudes often by keeping a heart full of gratitude. So, I'm going to start posting my gratitude lists here. Maybe it will inspire some of you to make your own lists. I always try to include both small and large topics on my lists because all good gifts come from the Father of Lights and He's the object of my gratitude.

1. My KCWC business is expanding this week: new department, new clients, and new staff person joining my firm. I’m pinching myself in delirium!

2. New recipes to try—a great way to save money and to have fun in the kitchen. The pans don’t wash themselves, but that’s the only down side.

3. A new set up to have a TV w/ dish DVR in the guest bedroom. A perk for our guests, and now we can lay down to watch TV at naptime, but still not have a TV in our own bedroom which is a big no-no in marriage. Best of both worlds this way! Sunday naptime was never better, just sort of falling off into la-la land.

4. Church was uplifting Sunday. I love working with the teens, and got to sing a couple of songs with my husband and another guy (thanks Jesse!) during worship service with guitar accompaniment. SWEET!

5. My office is almost completely organized, and when my new clerical assistant comes in to work, we’ll have it whipped into shape in no time. I’m excited! Nothing like a little bit of organization in the New Year to provide some sort of satisfaction and fulfillment!

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