Saturday, January 09, 2010

Connecting Points

I'm still a firm believer that God is The Great Networker. In situations too amazing to be coincidence, it's been mind-blasting to see the different opportunities that cross my desk. Just today I enjoyed three phone visits with others in the industry looking to be stretched as they grow in their craft. And earlier this week I made other connections equally thrilling. January 2010 is already shaping up to be an incredible month--maybe the best January on record!

It would be easy to get intimidated by some of the names I get to assist, but really the ones I'm most blessed to serve are the ones who aren't impressed by their own fame--and also the ones who aren't down in the dumps about their LACK of fame (since I serve both ends of the spectrum). They are all just honored to get to be a part of the Big Picture, serving God and the better good through purpose and passion.

It's the divas who think they are something they're not that are more difficult to endure--they seem to think life owes them a favor through me. But really, I'm surprised, dealing with creative sorts that we are, that we don't have more divatude drama than we do have. It's such a small part of what fills my days.

The big part? Getting jazzed about the ideas we cook up to help our clients shine, and to help them reflect the Light. Sensing a connection, a commonality, even upon the very first meeting.

It all starts with introductions set up by very God. He is the connecting point.

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