Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Link Family

Our church sponsored the Link Family for the third annual concert on our Discover First day. It was absolutely amazing. First, our people did a great job with yummy food (and lots of it!). Thanks to Charlene and her kitchen crew for making us all feel so welcome as we fellowshipped.

The Link family did not disappoint with their tight harmonies, both in music, and family feel. They entertain, but even better, they make my heart beat a happy rhythm and my toes tap a jig. Their lyrics and music style all have deep roots, either in faith or culture. And for me personally, it was like combining church from the early 1900s with one of my family reunions where several of Mom's cousins brought out their instruments for an impromptu jam session as we gathered round in the backyard. A time and place where the violin was called a fiddle and even the fireflies blinked their lightning bug tails in time to the tunes. Good times--innocent times. It all came back to me.

An hour with the Link Family leaves my spirit feeling lighter, my mind refreshed, and my heart filled with joy.

And I'll let you in on a little secret--conversations with each of them do just as much for me as their music. Why? Because they are real--genuine. They love God and love each other. They go through this routine over and over and over again, but they haven't let it get them weary (or at least, they don't show it). Their smiles are authentic. Not Hollywood fake but heavenly real. They remain humble even though they've won award after award for their excellence in bluegrass and gospel music.

Here's a recent press release, to help you learn more about them:

The Link Family is a true family band, featuring Dad, Mom, five children and two in-laws from Lebanon, Missouri. They are having the "time of their lives" traveling on their Silver Eagle bus and sharing their music in churches, bluegrass festivals, theaters, Silver Dollar City, US Military bases, R.V. parks and misc. events. The family consists of Rachel (21), Kyle (20), Benjamin (13), Aaron (10), John (9), Becky (Mom), Lance (Dad), son-in-law, Landen Keeler and daughter-in-law, Ashley Link. Each member of the family participates in performing. Rachel brings to the group a strong lead and harmony voice while playing mandolin, guitar and bass. Kyle plays all the instruments on stage, mostly fiddle and guitar while singing lead and harmony. Benjamin also plays all the instruments on stage, mostly banjo, sings lead and harmony. Aaron sings lead and plays the fiddle while John sings lead and is learning mandolin. Becky plays rhythm guitar and bass while singing lead and harmony and Lance brings in the foundation sound on the bass fiddle, sings bass as well as being our bus driver and manager. Landen joins us this year as sound man and Ashley adds twin fiddling with Kyle.

Traveling and singing together has its joys and challenges while giving allowance for The Link Family to learn much about life as a family, to meet the many wonderful people that make up the strong fabric of our nation, and to see the beauty of the American landscape. This family group brings a refreshing performance that will leave you smiling, encouraged and tapping your foot.

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