Monday, August 27, 2007

Queen Esther's Beauty Treatment?

I haven't really made a list of some of the beauty treatments Esther had that year prior to her selection as queen. But I do know that some women enjoy being fussed over, made to feel special, or at least enjoy the relaxing calm that comes with spa treatments. Spa has the word AH! in it and that's what I find myself saying when I splurge with any sort of spa treatment. It doesn't happen often, maybe once or twice a year. Just often enough to make it special, so I will appreciate it. Indulged without coming to expect it.

For our 26th Wedding Anniversary gift, Russ gave me a half-day of spa and beauty at my salon. For that, I'm getting: a new hair cut, some color (I'm grayer than ever!), a spa pedicure (which I hear is more special than the regular pedicure), and a facial that also includes a neck and back massage. I wonder if I will feel like Queen Esther? Or at least like a calmer, more relaxed Kathy? I've only had one facial in my life and it was AMAZING so I can't wait for this treat!

All of this is my preparation (again to use the Esther analogy) for our upcoming consideration for ministry at Raymondville. More important is the spiritual preparation prior to their vote.

My prayer for this is, "Thy will be done, dear Lord."

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Karen said...

I like spa visits fine (I can count on one hand the facials, manicures, or pedicures I've had), but my favorite beauty treatments are the ones I take time to give myself. I make it a point to use fragrant body lotion after every shower, including on my feet. Powder, a special nail file, fruity body spray are just part of the array of special items I use on a regular basis. As L'Oreal says (and even more importantly, the Lord says), I'm worth it! After all, we're daughters of the King, so that makes every female believer a princess--every day.