Sunday, August 19, 2007

Opportunity to Serve!

First Baptist Church in Raymondville, TX has interviewed us, and interviewed our references and decided my husband Russ is their #1 pick. YAY! We are so excited because this ministry opportunity has so many of the elements of what we are looking for in a ministry (small town in the South, multi-cultural, etc.).

So, we will be traveling by car for 3 days to get there, and will candidate in view of a pastoral call, on September 16th, 19th, 23rd. We will spend about 11 days there and travel back 3 days. So that will be a 17 Day Adventure! :o)

Also on the way there we hope to see a couple of our friends (Leno and Mary Yellott in Vidor, TX, and Dennis and Teresa Hankins in Galveston, TX).

The thing is, Hurricane Dean is headed to Raymondville right now. If it does hit, maybe God wants us to be there to help with the clean up. Who knows? Or maybe it won't hit, and God will tell us "just checking to see if you are willing to go ANYWHERE I send you!" (Yep-we are!)

Please pray about the is opportunity with us. You know how Jeremiah said he tried to suppress the Word inside him, and it burned and would not remain silent? That's how we are about ministry-we just HAVE to find a place to serve!

Thanks for praying with us-I'll keep you posted.

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