Monday, September 03, 2007

Trust Can Be Exciting!

I firmly believe that I can trust God to have my ultimate good in mind as He directs us and opens doors for our future. He can also close doors to help us move along when we need a little boot.

It can get exciting when we see signs of God's hand at work. Or even just POTENTIALLY at work!

Let' me explain.

For about a year now Russ has sensed that God has wanted him to pastor again. He has been placing resumes and applications every time he hears of a church. I'm guessing over 150 resumes have gone out.

We are serving as interim music at First Baptist in Clinton, KY and LOVE the people. They will be our friends FOREVER. But no matter how much we love the church, we know that Russ needs to be preaching.

So, September 16, 19, and 23 he will be preaching in view of a call ("trying out," or candidating) at First Baptist Church of Raymondville, TX. We are excited, and can't wait!

By now you are wanting to tell me-"Kathy, we know all this!"

Well...there's more!

Yesterday our landlord came by to inform us that the house we are renting was going to be shown by the Realtor to some interested buyers from out of town. You have to realize that this house has been on the market for a couple of years, and has not sold. Probably everyone in this little town who might be interested, has already looked at the home. So it would take an out-of-towner to really come in and make an offer.

We've lived in the home since May 23rd and it hasn't shown ONE time. Until now. I don't think that is coincidence.

Because now, I get the opportunity to TRUST God for the outcome. There are many what-ifs, but here is the one I'm hoping for:

WHAT-IF #1-Maybe God knows we will get the position in Raymondville, and that we will need out of our lease one month early. Maybe He is helping us by providing a buyer, who, if you figure out the timing of most home loans, will land just about the same time on the calendar as a possible move on our part. See how amazing that is?

Of course, there are other possible outcomes too...

WHAT-IF #2-Maybe we won't get the position in Raymondville, the house will sell, and we will have to decide where in the world we want to move to. We can go anywhere. Russ's last week at Clinton is next week. We have no permanent ties here, although we love the people we have met here. My business is doing well, but would do even better if we lived in a state that was more "tax friendly." Even a move 5 miles away to Tennessee would be advantageous. Or maybe a move to Texas. Who knows?

WHAT-IF #3-Or another outcome could be that we do get the position in Raymondville-but the house doesn't sell here. No biggie. Most rental leases can be broken if your job takes you out of the area and you aren't just moving to another rental in the area. But even if it can't be broken-we are only talking one month, so it's no big deal. Besides-we don't know for sure when Raymondville will be voting-maybe their vote won't take place until later. Who knows?

WHAT-IF #4-Another outcome is that we don't get the position in Raymondville, and the house here doesn't sell. If that happens, we still have a lot to consider. What next? Where next? What timing?

See? No matter what the outcome, it's all a matter of trust. Waiting on God. He's not a puppet master and He's not just pulling our strings to make us move. We can confound things by making unwise choices. That's why we trust-we get our direction from Him. And He in turn blesses obedience. And gives peace. Even when things don't go our way, with peace we can deal with anything.

But still...let's go back to What-if #1. What if? What if God is already working things out so that if everything falls into place we will soon have a new ministry and will also have a way out of our lease here. That would be simply AMAZING!

See why I got excited rather than depressed when I received word that a Realtor was showing the home we are renting to a potential buyer?

I can't wait to see what's next!

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