Thursday, August 09, 2007

Family and Friends/Old and New Part Four

Monday of our trip proved Bill right-or at least, "so far, so good." Remember how he said when his congregation prays, stuff happens? Well...we got a call-not THE call, but it could lead to that!

But let me tell you about my day up to that point.

Sunday night Taishi asked me to wake him up to go with Russ on his morning walk. Well—I decided to tag along. Healthy for me both physically and mentally, right? Right! But that big hill isn't so great going straight down and even worse going straight up-in suffocating heat and humidity no less. But it was a great thrill to spend that extra time with Taishi and to see Russ interact with him (they love talking about sports AND music). And who wouldn't want to walk down for a spectacular view of the sun coming up over the Mississippi River? (My shin splints don't get to vote!)

Monday was the day we had set aside to go visit Bill and Elaine Rubemeyer (our across-the-alley neighbors during my growing-up years). On our way there, the cell phone rang and it was the head of the pastoral search committee in Raymondville, TX. Remember what Bill said Sunday about "stuff happens when our church prays"? Well, in less than 24 hours, we got that desired phone call! We've been invited to spend 11 days in Raymondville, TX for Russ to candidate in view of a call to pastor First Baptist Church. We are so very excited of the prospects! Our hearts desire to serve in this position, and especially in a multi-cultural/Hispanic small-town area. What a great opportunity this will be! Take a look at any map of Texas, put your finger in the tip, near the Mexico border and near the San Padre islands, and you'll see why we are excited about this mission field!

I'm guessing when we stepped out of our car to visit with Bill and Elaine (after receiving that phone call) that there was an extra spring in our step or perhaps we weren't touching the ground at all!

Then, kick it up a notch to the elation of seeing the Rubemeyers. I just couldn't hug Elaine enough! The only disappointment was that Patricia wasn't able to drop by to spend extra time with us.

Monday ended with sight-seeing of our old stomping grounds.

Tuesday we had to say goodbye to family. So hard to hug everyone goodbye, unsure of when our next visit will be. No one is assured of tomorrow. When we see Taishi again, he will probably be a teenager. Imagine THAT!

We drove to Pittsfield again, and Russ went with Bill to visit some of the folks at the Southern Baptist Convention association in Springfield, IL. Phylis and I browsed at our LEISURE at stores in Pittsfield and back in my hometown of Louisiana, MO. We dined at the Eagle's Nest, which was a cozy cafe where Green's variety store used to be when I was growing up. In fact, that was where my wedding cake topper was purchased 26 years ago almost to the DAY of when I dined there this week! I needed the girlfriend time with Phylis while Bill and Russ enjoyed their time together as well.

Then our time away came to an end, and we made our way home.

We were eager to see our Jazzy girl again. Laura Dillard was holding Jazzy and watching out the door window as we walked up. Jazzy looked VERY comfortable in Laura's arms. In fact, she was glad to see us, but seemed perfectly content to just "live" there. Glad to know the Dillards made her feel like family. They said she is very smart, like she knows what you are going to do before you even do it! And they said I should write a book about her time there, and title it, "When the City Dog Goes to the Country." One day, Laura didn't want to leave Jazzy in her crate for long, so she took Jazzy to our friend Jouella's home to spend time with her dog, Onyx. They loved her so much they even called someone else who used to have a Boston Terrier to come over and play with Jazzy. Jouella said Jazzy's so smart it's almost like she speaks English-and she is so agile that she looks like a gazelle when she plays! Sounds to me like Jazzy was treated like royalty-just like Aunt Verna Jean treated us while we stayed in Clarkville!

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