Friday, May 04, 2007

The Saga Continues

We didn't close today, and found out that it could actually take as much as a WEEK more. Since Wednesday we've been told there was just ONE document left (a correction from the appraiser), but actually after that, it still has to have the letter of "cleared to close" from the mortgage company, and up until that time they can always find something else to request from somewhere. From there the seller's attorney still has to draw up the HUD papers, and then that all gets overnighted to the closing attorney, and THEN we close.

Russ did talk with someone higher up the ladder at the bank, and they are appalled at the service we've gotten. He had our loan officer in with him, on speaker phone, and several things came to light that the boss didn't know the loan officer had done (or not done that should have been done). So, now we are at least offered a plan B. If the loan officer cannot get the paperwork we need by noon on Monday to send to the seller's attorney-to get a closing later in the week, then the boss will take over and do an IN-HOUSE loan, at 90% instead of 100% of the loan, and we will have more cost up front, but we can get in the house. We offered to do a 90% loan when we first applied, and they said there was no such thing at their bank. WRONG. We offered again when they switched loan officers on us to try for a 90% loan, and they still said there was no such thing. Well, there IS such a loan at their bank!

The level of their incompetency amazes me. Anyway, we have a Plan B in place, but that's only IF the seller agrees to extend the contract deadline-which currently is May 8th, but now we are requesting as late as May 11th. We'll know more Monday, one way or the other...

Thanks for everyone's prayers!

If God is writing a book of our lives, He has included all the page-turner drama and conflict necessary to be a good read. What sort of genre would it be? It would read like a horror story at times! At least our marriage provides the romantic element of the book. So maybe it is more like a "cozy mystery."

I know God is ultimately in control, but that sometimes the free will of man can mess up what God wants best for us. But He can still use all the "mess ups" and make something good out of it. He already knows the end result, and I can rest in that truth.

Through all of this I've learned just how much of my life is NOT in my hands. I have to trust God even when I cannot trust others. I'm not the one in control. I'm not the boss of me, and I'm for SURE not the boss of anyone else. The universe does not revolve around ME. And what matters so much to me is not important at all to most other people. Knowing that, I move on. I face reality and I make the best decisions I can with the choices given to me, based on the direction God gives me through wise counselors, through His peace, and from His Word.

The rest, is OUT OF MY HANDS.

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