Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Learning Curve

We didn't get the house. And we've had so many kind words from friends and loved ones regarding this disappointing news. I'm not really feeling emotion. No anger. No sadness. Maybe I'm numb. I don't know. My boss, Rebeca, said she would have lost it so many times by now. I am just literally living a day at a time. Maybe that's where God wants me right now. Trusting Him for the daily bread, and daily shelter too.

At age 44, I guess I never thought I'd have to depend on someone else for my housing. Through this, I've seen how easy it is to become homeless in the richest country of the world. So sad. I will have more compassion for those who have come upon hard times because of this. It blows my mind that I can make more than the median income for Fulton, KY and run into this many problems just to find a place to live.

We are looking at a little house to rent, or an upstairs apartment of an old quad-plex. We'll know more tomorrow about where we will land.

Thanks for continuing to pray. I know I'm so blessed compared to the majority of the world. This whole experience has humbled me and shown me a lot about myself.

Russ and I both realize that since 2002 we have been thrown into a huge "Life Learning Curve." It's turned our world upside down, made us throw away several thought-processes that were just plain WRONG, and opened our mind to what God would have for us.

Thanks for going the long haul with me on this journey!

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Virginia Smith said...

Oh, Kathy, you certainly have been on a roller coaster with this house! I'm CERTAIN the Lord has something much better in store for you, and one day soon you'll say, "Boy, are we glad we didn't get that other house!"

Hang in there.