Sunday, May 20, 2007

Greetings from Ridgecrest, North Carolina

Perhaps you're confused. I just greeted you from North Carolina, but you are pretty certain I just moved to Southwestern Kentucky.'d be right!

We moved into a cute 1940s 2 bedroom 1 bath rental on Friday. We were up raring to go first thing, and met the Realtor to get the key. Then we went to the house first, to appraise the situation and develop a plan of attack. What we saw caused our hearts to plummet to the basement. It was NOT in move-in condition. We found the bathroom had caked-on dirt, the kitchen was nasty-with grimy ovens, and food-stained refrigerator. The cabinets needed washed down. Dust half-an-inch thick on all the beautiful woodwork in all the rooms, carpets that reeked, etc. And when we went down to the basement, where we planned to store our spare bed and be my craft room-they hadn't even removed a stinky king-size bed, piled high with dirty clothes, and they had left their washer and dyer too. The odor everywhere was enough to knock you over, so we opened every window in the house.

Then we went back down to the Realtor to explain our situation, who contacted the owner and let him know this was NOT acceptable, and negotiated a deal. She said for the many hours of labor (or hiring a cleaner) that we should get the rest of this month free rent. He was agreeable to that and very sorry for our inconvenience. From there we went to Dollar General and bought $60 worth of cleaning supplies. He came over later that morning to get the rest of his stuff, and also consented to letting us paint. The 2nd bedroom, to be the office, is in aqua with a big tropical fish chair rail wallpaper border, the kitchen had 1 coat of red that didn't quite make it to the ceiling, although touches of it landed on the ceiling, and the 1 coat was too thin to cover, the dining room and living room of the house has a medium powder blue with matching carpet. Our bedroom was most tasteful in a pink wall with burgundy floral border, but still didn't match a thing we had. Bedrooms have hardwood floors-wish we could rip the carpet up from the two living areas to get rid of odor, and look better too! They did use a carpet shampooer, but it just brought the odor to the surface.

We really LIKE the rental, and it has tons of closet space. But it will be too small for our permanent residence, and they are asking too much for that area for an older home of that size. We are just grateful to have it!

So, after doing desk-work for months, I was doing manual labor all day. Oh my aching bones! haha! It felt good to scrub away the grime and see instant results-also rewarding and refreshing to put my mind in neutral and just clean!

Then on Saturday it was up and attum to travel 1 hour to the greyhound bus station to hop a bus for Asheville, NC. I was on a bus or in a terminal for almost 10 hours! Everything that was sore, at that point became stiff. And my oh my did I see, hear, and smell every sort of person on God's green earth!

I do recall sleeping off and on during the trip and reading a good book to occupy my time. I even saw a black bear on my way up the mountains to Asheville. Some volunteers from the center came to pick me up, and helped me check in here at Lifeway's Ridgecrest Retreat Center. I slept SOUNDLY for over 8 hours-a first in several months! I'm serving on faculty here, and will meet some other early-bird arrivals for worship in a little bit. Then we'll have a picnic lunch, spend the afternoon getting acquainted with the facility, have orientation, and at dinnertime the fun begins with the arrival of the writers.

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Vicki said...

Hi Kathy,
I'm glad your conference time has turned out so well; perhaps the Lord knew just what you needed.
I know He will bless your new PR job, move, new church, etc.